travelling Lucca!

In Lucca on your own: discovering the town your own way

For our friends who happen to be women travellers we have thought of a solution allowing them to discover this town and its surroundings and get in touch with a world whose rhythms are slower and where the value of a nice lifestyle is still appreciated. 

Come to Lucca on your own to get a new wardrobe because here there are plenty of clothing boutiques and shops of various kinds. Via Fillungo and Piazza dell'Anfiteatro are real "natural shopping centres"! 

Your week-end will be enriched with the chance of enjoying beauty treatments to regain energy, relax and feel more beautiful, ready to go back home feeling your best. 

We have prepared a real womenfriendly shopping guide, with all the information about antiques workshops, shops where you can find typical product and see old procedures which are almost unknown.

Give space to your creativity, replace stress and everyday worries with your artistic creations. We have arranged an art therapy session and an experienced therapist will lead through this interesting process of  renovation.

You will always be accompanied by our guide through historic and artistic itineraries paying special attention to the women who marked the history of Lucca and its surroundings. We will suggest where to eat and have an aperitif in venues which have a special treatment for we travelling ladies!