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choosing an Italian production location

The reasons for the choice are of course first related to Italian beautiful natural environment and art heritage.

The differences among every single regions are great, allowing a variety of atmospheres, colours, lights. World famous Tuscan hills or Florence city centre or Rome view on St. Peter's church are just the most common ideas your imagination gets. There is much more, and many international film makers and photographers already know.


Doesn't matter if you  are shooting a movie, a fashion catalogue, or a travel story, in Italy you will find great inspiration, professional  support, easy and cheap accommodation as well as top quality resorts.

 Just think that Jane Campion's "Portrait of a Lady" or latest Spike Lee "Miracle at St. Anna" have both been shot in Lucca area, just to mention a couple of famous ones. Not talking about fashion shootings everywhere in Tuscany.

New ideas or locations may come if you scout in Apulia, Sicily and Sardina: of course we are available to support your scouting, showing the best possible locations and allowing your crew to be on the budget you fixed.

Get in touch to receive more information, don't miss the chance to improve your creativity through Italian fantastic locations!